A Few More NuTriVene Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What age should my infant begin taking Nutrivene?

We have many infants taking the product who are just days old. When providing Nutrivene to an infant, we recommend starting at a significantly reduced dosage and working up to a full dosage over a 1- to 2- week period. Nutrivene should be added directly to infant formula or breastmilk.

How do I give my child Nutrivene?

Nutrivene is available in capsule and powdered forms that mix with foods and drinks. A new, better tasting powdered formula was introduced that mixes easily in foods.

Does Nutrivene have any side effects?

Some children experience loose stools with the Daily Enzyme product. Should this happen, we would recommend that your child’s dosage be reduced by one-half. Additionally, some children do not like the taste of Daily Supplement. We have several forms of the Daily Supplement including a Microencapsulated Powder form that has a reduced vitamin taste and mixes well with many foods. We also have a list of taste enhancing suggestions so usually any issues with taste can be minimized.

Do I need a prescription for Nutrivene?

Nutrivene is a dietary supplement that does not require a prescription.

Is Nutrivene FDA-approved?

Nutrivene is not a drug and does not require FDA (Food & Drug Administration) approval. However, as a dietary supplement, Nutrivene does fall under the auspices of the FDA. Nutrivene products are manufactured in a licensed U.S. pharmaceutical facility.


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