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Even More NuTriVene Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

My child has a history of illnesses including; ear infections, upper respiratory infections, and sinusitis. Will Nutrivene make my child healthier? Many parents tell us that their children are healthier after beginning Nutrivene. Dr. Lawrence Leichtman, a clinical geneticist, pediatrician, and President of Trisomy 21 Research Foundation, has observed improved growth, immune function, and developmental […]

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Case Study: Padiat. Praxis. 59: 703-708 (2001)

Physicians Recognize the Importance of Antioxidants in the Long Term Management of Down Syndrome A recent review published by Drs. Gert Lubec and Ephrem Engidawork of the Department of Pediatrics, University of Vienna (Journal of Neurology, 2002, Vol 249: 1347-1356) eloquently outlines the scientific rationale for the need for increased antioxidant supplementation in the diets […]

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