What’s the best summer diet for your brain?

This summer, you may be thinking about diets that help you look your best in a bathing suit. However, your brain could probably also use a little food fuel as well. Here some of the best foods for brain health that you can incorporate into your summer meals:

1. Salmon
Rich in omega-3 fatty acids that are ideal for preserving memory function, salmon also makes a delicious summer dinner. Try this brain-boosting fish grilled with a side of fresh veggies for your next meal instead of a burger.

2. Nuts
If you're looking for something to snack on, try a handful of nuts. According to Shape magazine, walnuts can be great for supporting cognitive function. Peanuts are also a smart option, since they're a source of healthy fats that benefit the brain and heart, Health magazine reported. Try adding nuts to a fresh summer salad or keep them around as a handy snack in your work bag.

3. Red wine
Believe it or not, a little red wine can actually be good for your brain, according a study from Alzheimer's & Dementia. The research found that one glass of red wine every day could be part of a well-rounded diet that's ideal for supporting healthy cognitive functions. So, this summer, toast to brain health with a glass of refreshing red wine sangria.

4. Berries
One of the best parts about summer is getting all the fresh fruit you can eat! Beyond tasting amazing, berries could benefit your brain health, delaying the effects of aging on your cognition, as indicated in studies by the Department of Agriculture. Enjoy while they're in season by incorporating  into your summer desserts.

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