The Re-Balancing Potential of Seaweed by Simon Range (Part 3)

Seagreens® – Ideal Nutritional Input for all Ages in all Special Diet

All of the dietary nutrients to be avoided because of allergy, intolerance, health condition or through the rejection of certain types of foods, can be obtained from the seaweed. Seagreens® has shown itself to be non-allergenic, over 10 years with no confirmed reports in the general population.

There are no medical contraindications, it is entirely compatible with drugs and other nutritional supplements, and is are approved by many food and health societies including the British Vegan Society, the British Coeliac Society, the Hyperactive Children’s Support Group and The Autism Trust. Seagreens® culinary products are especially designed for easy use in meat and dairy alternatives, containing the entire B group vitamins including absorbable B12 “as the predominant cobalamide and an absorbable source for mammals,” unlike spirulina in which it is an inactive, unavailable corrinoid or pseudovitamin[37].


Balance the Foundation of Daily Life

I have focused on balance in the daily diet because nutrition is our business, but on a more holistic note, I find that balance has its greatest vitality when it becomes the focus of daily life.

Some say balance lies in a happy mixture of opposites, a little of this, a little of that. All things in moderation. Yet in my view, balance is not to eat and fast, work and play, love and hate, for these already lie along the path of Separation.

Once I act in any direction, I venture along the path of Opposites. By choosing one thing, I exclude another. I cannot be here and there, this and that, then and now. This is the very game of opposites, endlessly repeated, which has held us so long in its thrall.

I focus instead on the relationship between the opposites. I find balance not in my work or play, but their relationship. Not in my food or body, but in their relationship. Not in my power or helplessness, but in their relationship. Thus it is said that through humility we can find strength, through longing fulfilment, through loneliness harmony in all things. So, instead of doing this and that, I choose to do and stand back. To do and not do.

My standing back is not the same as withdrawing, for withdrawal is again the opposite of being fully present. Standing back, I enter not into the opposite but into the fullness of my place in this world. I am in balance when I am silent, attentive, fully present; and I can take this same balance into the most intense action.

Seeing that balance exists in no thing but between all things, and seeing that all is in Motion, I am able to contain all that is Other within my self. I perceive within this infinite diversity the Sacred Relationship between all that is.



[37] F. Watanabe, S. Takenaka, H. Kittaka-Katsura, S. Ebara, E. Miyamoto, Characterisation and Bioavailability of Vitamin B12 Compounds from Edible Algæ, Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology, 48(5): 325-331, October 2002.

[38] Cathryn Higgs, Scientific & Responsible Retailing Manager, The Co-operative Group addressing the Food Industry New Product Development Conference, Stratford, March 5, 2009.


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