Seaweed in Colon Health & Nutrition (Part 3)

by Simon Ranger

Easy to use, everyday ingredients

In The Colon Health Handbook Dr Gray describes an alkalising diet of vegetables, fruits, sprouts, honey, millet and other non-mucoid forming foods as a sound foundation for colon health and nutrition “with seaweed and zinc as supplements.”

In the scientifically proven macrobiotic approach to a balanced diet – rooted in oriental culinary traditions – “a small volume of sea vegetables, about 2%, is taken daily, eaten as a condiment, in soup, cooked with grains, beans and vegetables as a
seasoning to supply minerals, (and) as a small side dish about twice a week” (18).  According to the last available statistics (1969), this 2% equates to 4.6 grams, a heaped teaspoon of Seagreens dried ground wild wrack seaweed.Coincidentally, Seagreens’ scientific research over the past five years at the Centre for Food Innovation in Sheffield, England, has shown that Seagreens can replace at least half of the salt (sodium chloride) in manufactured foods. Since the average person in Britain consumes at least 9 grams of salt per day, this would equate rather precisely to the 4.5 grams in the traditional Japanese diet. It is also the daily amount so many practitioners have found effective in therapeutic protocols!

Seagreens has purposefully developed a product range for use in the everyday Western diet as well as in macrobiotics.  It easy and safe (and non-allergenic) to include a gram or many grams each day in food or drink for children and adults of all ages, as ingredients, salad, condiment, encapsulated food, or by inclusion in juices and smoothies, or as a tonic or tea.  A high antioxidant (19) tonic, easy to make and delicious in summer or winter using Seagreens Salad & Condiment product, is available at:

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