Abstract no.: 776

Early intervention in down syndrome: The effect of antioxidants

N.A. Meguid & S. Ismail

The present study investigated the role of antioxidant nutritional support in conjunction with a training Portage programme designed to improve the capabilities of patients with Down Syndrome (DS).

The study included 60 children with DS aged between 2 and 45 months. Twenty cases were included in an early intervention portage project and supported with antioxidants. Another 20 cases only attended the early intervention programme. The remaining group of 20 children with DS did not attend at all. The portage early intervention programme was used to evaluate the development of various fields of activity.

The present authors organized a 1 year follow-up study of the first and second stages of evaluation. Initial growth parameters and development assessment were done, and then again at 6 month intervals. Complete blood analysis, T3, T4 and TSH were carried out every 6 months. Parents were asked to stop any additional vitamins, and to keep illness logs and follow-up the incidence of upper respiratory, ear and GIT infections.

The most striking finding was the marked improvement in the health and growth of the group of children with DS attending the intervention programme in conjunction with antioxidant treatments. There was a significant decrease in the incidence of all infections, and upper respiratory and ear infections in particular. The authors also noticed a significant improvement in cognitive and gross motor development in comparison to the other groups.

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