NuTriVene-D Program

Advanced Antioxidant Daily Supplement in Microencapsulated Powder

Directions for Use

Upon receipt of your first order only of NuTriVene-D, introduce 1 product at a time, beginning with Daily Supplement, then Daily Enzyme, and lastly the NightTime Formula.  Begin the Daily Supplement at ½ of the recommended dose and work up to full dose by end of week.  At Week 2, add the Daily Enzyme at ½ of the recommended dose and work up to the full dose by end of week.  At Week 3, begin the NightTime Formula at ½ of recommended dose and also work up to full dose by end of week.  For infants under 3 months, we recommend starting at º the recommended dose of each product and work up to the full dose of each product after 2-week periods, i.e., Daily Supplement – Weeks 1 & 2, Daily Enzyme – Weeks 3 & 4, NightTime Formula – Weeks 5 & 6.

DAILY SUPPLEMENT   (2 or 3x per day)

The Daily Supplement should be given two or three times per day and preferably at meal times.  Providing Nutrivene more than one time per day will help to keep the water-soluble vitamins and nutrients in your child’s body for longer periods of time.  The Daily Supplement microencapsulated powder can be added to apple juice, applesauce, yogurt, infant formula, or anything else that can help to mask the taste.  It is not necessary to divide the product exactly with razor blades, scales, etc.

When adding the powder to liquids, add the powder to a small amount of liquid first.  Thoroughly mix in order to remove powder balls, then add mixture to larger amount of liquid.  Product will not completely dissolve in liquid.  Product may also clog regular bottle nipples (Evenflo Juice Crosscut Nipples work well).  You may wish to use devices for introducing medicines to infants such as large droppers, oral syringes, etc.

DAILY ENZYME   (2 or 3x per day)

Gently pinch and twist the ends of unbanded capsule and pull apart.  Sprinkle one-half to one-third of daily dose into juice or food.  Enzymes should be mixed with Daily Supplement.  Capsule should be reattached and stored for future use.  If your child has been diagnosed with acid reflux, the Daily Enzyme should not be used.  If your child experiences diarrhea or an increase in spit-up after using the Daily Enzyme, discontinue use and contact us at (800) 899-3413 for changes in dosage instructions

NIGHTTIME FORMULA   (1x per day)

Administer capsules or gently pinch and twist the ends of the unbanded capsule and pull apart.  Add required dosage to juice or food during last snack or feeding just prior to bedtime.  Reattach capsule for future use.  Administer NightTime Formula only one time per day just prior to bedtime.  *Important: We do not recommend providing the NightTime Formula with protein sources, i.e. milk, yogurt, baby food meats, ice cream, etc. as protein may interfere with the absorption of nutrients in the NightTime Formula.  Further, protein sources should be avoided one hour before and after providing the NightTime Formula.  The NightTime Formula may be given with juice drinks, canned fruits, applesauce, etc.  If your child is an infant, you may include the NightTime Formula with infant formula and/or breast milk.  Should your child experience a change in sleep patterns, reduce the dosage by one-half or contact us for assistance

  • – Do not  provide your child with any additional vitamin & mineral supplements other than Nutrivene, unless directed by your physician or other healthcare practitioner.
  • – Do not microwave or freeze Nutrivene for any extended periods of time.
  • – Do not leave lid off of Nutrivene for extended periods of time as exposure to oxygen can lessen the potency of vitamins.

For added freshness, Nutrivene may be stored in refrigerator.  In warm and humid environments, Nutrivene should be stored in the refrigerator


If you have any questions, contact NuTriVene by calling 800-899-3413 or click here today!

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