How to have a heart-healthy summer

With so many opportunities for physical activity, summer can be a great season for improving your health. Here are a few ways to make sure you're supporting your heart:

1. Choose wisely at barbecues
Summer cook outs are typically full of fatty red meats that can be detrimental to your cardiovascular well-being. Instead of reaching for a burger or hot dog, opt to grill some fresh and heart-healthy veggies. If you are seriously craving a burger, though, you can try alternatives like veggie, turkey or extra lean beef burgers and garnish with plenty of healthy ingredients.

2. Work out while you have fun
When you think of summer, a lot of activities come to mind, such as swimming or biking. What makes summer so great for your exercise routine is that you can have fun while you get a good cardio workout. Plus, longer summer days mean you have more time to try these exercises out, so you can even fit them in around your work schedule. Choose activities that force you to get out and get moving.

3. Beware of the heat
As great as Vitamin D is for your health, it's not worth getting an awful sunburn or suffering from heat stroke. On especially hot days, don't be afraid to stay inside. If you're going to be outdoors, save your heart from having to work overtime and take plenty of breaks to cool off and rehydrate.

4. Travel safely
Road trips are a classic summer activity. Before you hit the road, make sure you know how to keep your heart in top shape throughout the journey. Take plenty of breaks to stretch and walk around, and pack healthy snacks to avoid the greasy diner food on the road.

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