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The NeuroDevelopmental Approach: There is Hope…and a Future!  By Linda Kane

Linda Kane’s The NeuroDevelopmental Approach offers a beacon of hope and encouragement for families searching for answers.  Filled with useful information about the NeuroDevelopmental Approach, it provides insight on why there are so many labels being handed out today, and the tools needed to overcome those labels.  From genetic disorder to brain injury, to learning disorders and social problems, nothing is too big to overcome.  In addition to the invaluable information provided, the pages of this book are also filled with personal stories of families overcoming the limitation of the label.  These families have been in the trenches, fought for their children, and have seen the amazing results of their perseverance. 

“The seed for Linda Kane’s book was sewn seven years ago when the Kane family began a journey seeking to explore and test various options which would enable Scott, their challenged son, to develop life skills towards a productive future. Linda’s clear and enabling writing offers hope and the challenge to ‘never give up’.  Based on her experiences the seemingly impossible is made possible thru correct methodologies.”  — Walter E. (Gene) Lewis, C.N.D.O., S.M.D. former president of The American Academy for Human Development


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