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Performance without Pain is a critical guide to help the general public and people in high-performing fields understand the integral relationship between the modern diet and a predisposition to injury. It offers a nutritional program that can help heal the digestive system and build the body to be injury resistant and more resilient.

If a person has underlying digestive system problems such as acid-reflux disease, irritable bowel syndrome, Celiac disease or leaky-gut syndrome–problems that are created by intestinal bacterial imbalances such as candida overgrowth and food allergies–inflammatory chemicals can circulate throughout the body and cause muscles and tendons to become easily inflamed. These digestion problems, which are very prevalent today because of the enormous influx of refined, processed and depleted foods, can result in intestinal damage and lead to malabsorption and malnourishment. Under these conditions, the body will fail to put repair and maintenance energy into muscles and tendons, as digestion-repair issues take physiological priority, and therefore, chronic inflammation can develop.

Vocalists can also suffer career threatening consequences with digestive disorders. If a singer has acid-reflux disease, the voice can be damaged if the condition is not corrected. One of the most successful treatments for acid-reflux is a dietary change to a low fiber, easy-to-digest, traditional nutrient-dense diet that also corrects bacterial imbalances of the digestive system.

Kathryne Pirtle has co-authored this book with Dr. John D. Turner, DC, CCSP, DIBCN and Sally Fallon. Dr. Turner has had a chiropractic practice for over 20 years and is a former national qualifying gymnast. He has worked with national and international athletes at a variety of venues. Most notably, he has been on the medical staff at the World Gymnastics Championships and the United States and Big Ten Track and Field Championships. He has also worked with professional musicians and dancers. Sally Fallon is an international lecturer on nutrition, author of the best selling book, Nourishing Traditions, and is the founder of the Weston A. Price Foundation.

The impetus for this book came from Ms. Pirtle’s long-term experience dealing with recurring career-threatening inflammatory conditions, such as tendonitis and debilitating arm, neck and upper back pain, during her training as a professional clarinetist and throughout her career. The symptoms eventually developed into a chronic digestive illness and embouchure shaking–a form of focal dystonia. Through critical research on traditional diets and foods that heal chronic illness, she found permanent solutions.

Ms. Pirtle was able to find answers to healing her illness and long-term nutrient deficiencies through the work of Dr. Weston Price, and is now recovered and vibrantly healthy! Even with a full performing, practicing and teaching schedule she has had no pain or inflammation in her body since 2002 for the first time in 25 years, her embouchure is completely strong and she has excellent stamina and muscle strength.

Dr. Price was a prominent dentist in the 1930s who was baffled by the large percentage of degenerative illness in his patients. These included chronic ailments of all sorts such as arthritis, inflammatory conditions and digestive complaints, fertility problems, cavities, crooked and crowded teeth and behavior and learning problems in children. He sought answers to these problems by traveling worldwide to see if there were cultures free of these degenerative conditions. He found 14 vibrantly healthy isolated cultures that had no signs of degenerative illness and had eaten the same foods for centuries from generation to generation. Although their diets were completely different, he analyzed their foods and found common characteristics that determined their diet’s ability to promote optimal health and genetic potential in humans. He was able to cure chronic illness in his own patients through his findings. Through his unprecedented work and the development of the Weston A. Price Foundation, people are finding answers to healing chronic conditions and serious illness through traditional foods.

This book is 160 pages in length.

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