What is high-vitamin butter oil?

While the name may conjure a certain image in the minds of readers, butter oil is a dairy oil extracted from cows that are fed on nutrient-dense rapidly growing grass rather than the traditional alternatives. Due in part to this process, high-vitamin butter oil contains a number of essential vitamins that have been linked to improved overall health including vitamin K2, vitamin A and vitamin D.

Discovered in the 1930s, high-vitamin butter oil has long been praised for its natural health benefits, though they were once difficult to harness. At this time, Dr. Weston Price, a global traveler, noted dental expert and accomplished writer began experimenting with the nutrient.

While he sought to unleash the power of high-vitamin butter oil, and vitamin K2, which he successfully linked to tooth development, on tooth decay and other common dental problems of the day, Dr. Price uncovered much more in his studies. For example, Dr. Price found that this nutrient works best when paired with traditional cod liver oil.

According to many health experts, when taken together or in a butter oil cod liver oil blend, the complementary nature of the nutrients compounds, making it a great tool for those looking to stabilize their fatty acid balance.

In addition to vitamins, high-vitamin butter oil also contains arachidonic acid, which usually comes from dairy, meat and eggs and has been linked to brain health. Coenzyme 10, the beneficial substance that is necessary for the functioning of cells, can also be found in butter oil.

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