What daily habits can worsen stress? [Video]

April is Stress Awareness Month, so what better time to think about the ways you can reduce stress to improve your health? While it’s impossible to avoid the feeling altogether, we can work to avoid certain daily habits that can worsen stress.

One of the first ways we tend to exacerbate stress is by spending too much time on social media. Comparing our real lives to the way others portray their lives online can cause us to feel inadequate and unhappy. To avoid this, it’s best to set personal limits on how much time you spend on these sites.

Our diets can also affect how stressed out we get. For example, drinking too much caffeine or alcohol can prolong or amplify feelings of stress. Foods with a lot of refined sugar can have the same effect as well. The intense fluctuation from the sugar high to the crash causes irritation and poor concentration.

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