Turmeric could be “most important spice in your cabinet,” says international nutrition expert

For all of the advancements in modern medicine, few lab-based supplements and serums can compete with the incredible healing powers of natural compounds like curcumin. Perhaps best known for lending turmeric its striking golden hue, curcumin has been lauded for its medicinal properties for generations in certain regions of the world. And, in recent years, Western nutritionists and medical researchers have also come to better understand how vital a role this compound can play in promoting overall health.

Recently, integrative and functional medicine physician  and author Dr. Frank Lipman discussed the benefits of turmeric – and ultimately, curcumin – in an expository piece for the lifestyle website Refinery29.

“Turmeric is anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory. Inflammation is the root of many chronic diseases that cause our health to deteriorate – and curcumin […] helps to reduce inflammation in the body,” wrote Dr. Lipman. “This means that [curcumin] can help protect against cancer, decrease physical pain, reduce swelling, heal wounds, increase mental clarity, enhance intestinal health and regulate metabolism.”

For these reasons, Dr. Lipman posited that turmeric should have a place in most kitchen cabinets across the country.

As well as incorporating the spice into recipes as much as possible, the medical professional also suggested taking curcumin supplements to continually reap the benefits of this healing compound for brain health, joint support and pain relief, among other health issues.

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