Review shows further benefits of curcumin for oral care

As researchers come to learn more about this natural compound, which has been a culinary staple in certain regions of the world for generations, the potential role that curcumin supplements can play for memory support and overall health becomes increasingly evident.

Back in March, this blog covered a new study about the benefits of curcumin supplements for people who suffer from chronic gingivitis – a condition characterized by inflamed gums. This week, a review for the medical journal Oral Health & Preventive Dentistry has expanded on the use of curcumin in general oral care.

Curcumin "has proven properties like anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antimicrobial, hepatoprotective, immunostimulant, antiseptic, and antimutagenic. Due to these properties, it is quite useful in dentistry," the study abstract states. "It has a role in the treatment of periodontal diseases and oral cancers [and] can also be used as a pit and fissure sealant, mouth wash and subgingival irrigant in different preparations."

Because of its demonstrated ability to reduce swelling and combat the cellular damage done by free radicals – among other beneficial functions – curcumin has garnered considerable attention in the medical community in recent years. Thus far, researchers have investigated how this compound may slow the development of Alzheimer's disease, ease the irritation of rheumatoid arthritis and restrict the spread of certain cancers – and further applications are sure to surface as these projects continue. Last year, research revealed that taking a daily curcumin supplement could also enhance the overall health and well-being of middle-aged individuals without severe medical conditions.

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