Protect your skin this summer with these nutrients

With summer mere weeks away, many people across the country are already looking forward to spending a few lazy days on the beach. However, as wonderful as it may be to finally feel some sunlight on your skin, it is also essential that you take steps to protect yourself. It's true that this exposure can be beneficial, as it is the only environmental source of Vitamin D. Keep in mind, though, that spending too much time catching rays may pose a few substantial health risks, such as an increased chance of developing skin cancer.

In addition to using sunscreen whenever you step outside, Better Homes and Gardens notes that the following nutrients, among others, can improve overall skin health in the face of sun exposure as well.

Coenzyme Q10 – This antioxidant protects your skin by neutralizing the free radicals that cause cellular damage. Sun exposure may spur the production of these harmful elements.

Omega-3 fatty acids – Though best known for their impact on brain health, these nutrients can fortify your skin and reduce any swelling that may occur.

Selenium – This mineral was recently recommended for inclusion in baby formulas by the U.S. Food and Drug administration because of the vital role it plays in many bodily processes. Reports have shown that it may also protect the skin from sun damage.

Zinc – Essential for cell repair and regeneration, this mineral can help your body recover after too much sun exposure.

By taking the proper precautions when you go outdoors and incorporating these beneficial compounds in your diet, you can bask in the sun's rays without putting your health at risk.

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