Immune-boosting benefits of omega-3 explored

Omega-3 fatty acids – which are also known as essential acids because they play such a vital role in so many bodily processes – have long been touted as natural brain enhancers. However, this is just the beginning of their inherent benefits. Recently, researchers from Michigan State University (MSU) sought to explore another potential function omega-3 fatty acids: their immune-boosting ability.

According to a press release picked up by ScienceDaily and Sci-News, the scientists noted that, while fish oil and other omega-3 dietary supplements have been shown to combat disease by reducing inflammation, there is relatively little data regarding their effects on the immune system in general.

In fact, the researchers noted that, due to its anti-inflammatory abilities, many have operated on the belief that omega-3 fatty acids may act as an immuno-suppressive, reducing swelling by dialing down the body’s natural response to infection. To determine the validity of this assertion, the scientists from MSU used an animal model. One group of mice consumed a diet that had been enriched with docosahexaenoic – an omega-3 fatty acid commonly known as DHA – while another set received a control food.

Upon comparing the two divisions, the researchers found that DHA did not compromise the immune response of the mice. Instead, it was shown to increase the activity of a white blood cell that “may actually aid immune responses associated with pathogen clearance, while possibly dampening the totality of the inflammatory response,” the release states.

Based on this finding, the scientists speculated that omega-3 fatty acids supplements may be advisable for individuals with compromised immune systems. But, given their overall benefits for brain health, the general public may want to seek them out as well.

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