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Clinical studies show that folate, vitamin B12, and vitamin B6 are vital in the metabolism of homocysteine. Vitamin B12 and folate (L-5-MTHF) are required by the enzyme that converts homocysteine back to methionine. Vitamin B6 is required in each of the two enzymatic reactions that convert homocysteine to cysteine.

Betaine, in the form of trimethylglycine, is included in this supplement to promote the absorption of these important nutrients. Homocysteine Factors provides vitamin B6, vitamin B12, folate and betaine, a highly bioavailable combination of nutrients integral to supporting healthy homocysteine levels and cardiovascular health.*

Serving Size:1 Vegetable Capsule
Servings Per Container:60
                                                                                                                                                  Amount Per Serving      % Daily Value
Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxal 5’ phosphate) (activated B6)                            25 mg                                  1471%
Folate (as Metafolin®, L-5-MTHF) (400 mcg L-5-MTHF)            DFE667 mcg                            167%
Vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin)                                                                        200 mcg                            8333%
Trimethylglycine (anhydrous betaine)                                                               500 mg
Other Ingredients: vegetarian capsule (cellulose, water), hypoallergenic plant fiber (cellulose), ascorbyl palmitate
This product is gluten free and non-GMO.
Each bottle contains 60 capsules.

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