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Nordic Naturals DHA Junior contains DHA and EPA, nutrients that support brain development and visual function. Research has shown that “Deficiences of DHA may be responsible for abnormal signal transmission associated with learning disability, cognitive deficit, and visual dysfunction. These abnormalities in the signal transduction process can be partially corrected by supplementation with a diet enriched with DHA.”(1)

Another study showed that DHA “significantly enhances visual acuity maturation and cognitive function. DHA is a conditionally essential nutrient for neurodevelopment in humans.”(2) Essential fatty acids may also “promote the adhesion of probiotics to mucosal surfaces which augments the health-promoting effects of probiotics.”(3) DHA Junior is flash distilled for purity and freshness and contains its natural stabilizing constituents and antioxidants.

Dosage: Children 3 years of age take 4 gelcaps per day or as recommended by your physician or other healthcare provider.

DHA Junior contains 52 mg of DHA, 37 mg of EPA, 22 mg of other Omega-3s, 50-200 IU of Vitamin A, and 1-4 IU of Vitamin D (per 2 Gelcaps). DHA Junior is a small, round gelcap with a delicious strawberry flavor. Gelcaps may be chewed or swallowed.

Ingredients: purified arctic cod lover oil. soft gel capsule (gelatin, glycerin, water, xylitol, natural strawberry flavor), d-alpha tocopherol, natural strawberry flavor, rosemary extract (a natural preservative).

No gluten, milk derivatives, or artificial colors or flavors.  Non-GMO.

Each bottle contains 180 gelcaps.

(1)J Mol Neurosci 2001 Apr-June;16(2-3):229-35 (2)Lipids 2001 Sep;36(9):885-95 (3)Nutrition 2002 Sep;18(9):786

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