3 foods to avoid with digestive problems [Video]

When you suffer from digestive problems, it seems like few foods are safe. To make your life a little simpler, here’s a short list of foods to avoid so you can help your body digest properly.

The first is spicy food, which might be a no-brainer. These can cause heartburn and indigestion, among other complications. If you end up eating a spicy meal, try canceling it out with something cool, like Greek yogurt.

Acidic foods can also be problematic, even though plenty of them are otherwise healthy citrus fruits. However, removing these from your diet can help you avoid an upset stomach or heartburn.

Finally, stay away from fried foods. They have a number of detrimental consequences, but when it comes to digestion they are usually either processed too quickly or slowly, causing diarrhea or constipation. Your best bet is to stop eating anything fried.

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