Latest News » Researchers discover more potential plusses of DHA

DHA may boost health in more ways than we thought.

Just when it seemed that all of the potential benefits of omega-3 fatty acids – specifically DHA – had been unearthed, scientists have found that this compound may act as much more than a brain support supplement.

According to a press release from Oregon State University (OSU), researchers from the academic institution and other participating schools sought to gauge the effect of omega-3 fatty acids on the liver by focusing on the chemical interactions of metabolites (small molecules that both facilitate and result from our metabolism). This approach is known as "metabolomics."

"Most studies on these nutrients find effects on lipid metabolism and inflammation," said OSU professor and primary researcher Donald Jump. "Our metabolomics analysis indicates that the effects of omega-3 fatty acids extend beyond that, and include carbohydrate, amino acid and vitamin metabolism."

Ultimately, the researchers recognized a correlation between DHA supplementation and a reduced risk of developing fatty liver disease – which could be particularly beneficial for diabetics. This condition causes the liver to become inflamed, which may in turn lead to internal scarring, liver cancer or organ failure. The liver plays an essential role in filtering out toxins and enabling the body to process nutrients, so blockages in this area can be devastating to overall health.

Further research is required to confirm these findings, but given the potential benefits of DHA supplements that have already been widely documented, it may still be beneficial to incorporate this compound in your diet via seafood, certain produce and brain power supplements. Click here to read more information about our DHA supplements.