Latest News » Seasonal spices to savor all year round

Some of your favorite seasonal treats may benefit you all year round.

Though the holiday season typically extends to the New Year, it’s safe to say that most of the feasting has already taken place. Now, what lies ahead for many is a week of festive leftovers that could be their last taste of many treasured seasonal flavors. However, research has shown that many of the spices we associate with yuletide dishes have substantial health benefits. In fact, you may find there are plenty of reasons to incorporate holiday tastes in your diet all year round.

The Huffington Post recently showcased a few iconic spices of the season that pack quite a punch in the health department. Cinnamon, for example, is widely used in mulled wine and other seasonal delicacies, and has also been linked to diabetes mediation.

“Some studies show that including cinnamon in your diet can help stabilize blood sugar levels if you suffer from Type 2 diabetes. There’s also some evidence that cinnamon has antibacterial properties,” the source states. However, as with most substances, moderation is important, as excess cinnamon has recently been linked to liver damage risk as well.

Nutmeg is another delicious seasonal spice that not only makes an excellent addition to coffee and eggnog, but is sometimes used to settle digestive issues because of its potential anti-bacterial and fungi-fighting properties. The healthy living website Care2 notes that nutmeg has also been used to help manage insomnia, clear skin and may even enhance brain health.

With these benefits in mind, it’s clear that some holiday traditions can extend well beyond the season itself!