Latest News » These supplements could preserve functional ability for the elderly

Many older individuals can benefit from brain support and protein supplements.

In recent posts, we’ve reviewed several studies regarding the benefits of curcumin and other natural compounds for long-term brain health – which, given the high rates of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, has been a top priority in the the medical research field. However, as the Baby Boomer generation grows older, addressing the physical limitations of this population will also pose unique challenges for healthcare providers and government entities.

According to a recent study from a medical facility in Seoul, South Korea, researchers have found that daily protein supplements may be able to combat elderly frailty and overall functional disability, which NutraIngredients-USA defines as “anything that limits a person’s ability to do physical activity, is a mental illness or that requires long-term care.”

This decline is often accelerated among communities that are consistently under-nourished, but the new research has shown that even those who have missed out on certain nutritional compounds for years could benefit from taking action now. The scientists reportedly recruited 87 older individuals of low socioeconomic status, half of whom received a protein supplement while the other took a placebo for three months.

During this time, the researchers observed that participants who took the supplements saw improvements in physical function, and their walking pace decreased by a substantially smaller degree than the control group in this time.

While further research is necessary to determine if these results hold true for populations that were not routinely under-nourished, protein is known to play an essential role in muscle development and function.

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