Latest News » Curcumin Longvida may fend off age-related illnesses

Even healthy adults can benefit from curcumin.

If you take a look at all of the studies this blog has covered on the benefits of curcumin, you may notice that most have one thing in common: they focus on people with preexisting medical concerns. Whether its diabetes or heart disease, the majority of medical research involving the compound found in turmeric has revolved around how it may help people who are already at risk of developing a condition.

But, how can taking a daily curcumin supplement benefit individuals who are already in good health?

A new study

That is exactly what a team of researchers from Ohio State University were determined to find out. According to a recent study published in Nutrition Journal in September, Professor Robert DiSilvestro and his associates selected a group of generally healthy adults between the ages of 40 and 60 years old. Half of the 38 people chosen were given a dose of Longvida Curcumin every day for four weeks, while the rest received a placebo.

The benefits

Based on blood and saliva samples taken during this time, the researchers discovered that curcumin had the ability to moderate certain protein and chemical levels in the body. For example, people who took curcumin had lower plasma triglyceride levels – an important finding, since higher values of these fats have been linked to serious conditions like diabetes. They also reportedly saw a beneficial drop in alanine transaminase activity. That may not mean much to you upon first glance, but keep in mind that these enzymes, known as ALT, are often used by doctors to identify signs of liver problems. Increased ALT activity has also been recorded in association with diabetes, as well as congestive heart disease and a host of other illnesses that affect older individuals.

In light of these findings, the researchers involved concluded that middle-aged adults could benefit substantially from taking a daily curcumin supplement. To read information about Nutrivene Longvida Curcumin capsules, click here.