Squigle Jr Toothpaste (Flouride Free)


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Squigle Jr Toothpaste is intended for infants, toddlers, airplane travelers, and anybody who wants a luscious raspberry flavored toothpaste without fluoride.
Squigle Jr Toothpaste stops tooth sensitivity, canker sores, mouth ulcers.  It also prevents cavities, bad breath, gum disease, chapped lips, perioral
dermatitis. And it soothes and protects dry mouths.

Squigle Jr Toothpaste is free of harsh abrasives, irritating bleaches, irritating detergents, irritating flavors, and irritating tartar control agents.

Ingredients: 36% Xylitol, 18.5% nanocalcite, plus water, glycerin, poloxamer, cellulose gum, Methocel, flavor, calcium propionate, lactoferrin.

Directions for Infants: Wash hands. Apply a 1/8 inch length of Squigle Jr Toothpaste to a soft cloth or finger brush. Do not smear. Lightly rub baby’s upper and lower gums, twice a day.   Safe to swallow the recommended dose.

Directions for Toddlers: Wash hands. Apply a 1/4 inch length of Squigle Jr Toothpaste to a soft brush.  Do not smear. Brush 2 minutes, twice a day. Safe to swallow the recommended dose.