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    Longevity Science Normalose


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    The Banaba (lagerstroemia speciosa (leaf)) is a medicinal plant which grows in India and other parts of South Asia. An active phytochemical, corosolic acid, has been isolated from the leaf of the plant. Several animal and human studies have shown that corosolic acid has the ability to support blood glucose levels in the normal range.** At 48mg daily, the 1% corosolic acid extract did not cause long-term hypoglycemia in normal subjects.** The research also indicated that the lipid-soluble oil form was more effective than the powder form.**

    Corosolic acid increases cellular uptake of glucose.** A controlled in vitro study, using cells known to have glucose transporters, demonstrated that glucose uptake in the corosolic acid environment was 20% greater than in the control. Numerous studies in the US and Japan show that 48 mg per day of 1% corosolic acid extract (containing 480 mcg of corosolic acid) positively supports normal blood sugar levels.** There was a marked absence of side effects and a side benefit of several pounds of weight loss within 30-45 days.

    Longevity Science Normalose™ contains 1.334 mg per softgel of Banaba leaf extract (lagerstroemia speciosa (leaf)) standardized to 18% corosolic acid. At a daily dose of two softgels, this formula provides the same daily total of 480 mcg of corosolic acid as was used in human studies, in the absorbable lipid-soluble form.

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    Each bottle contains 60 softgels.