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    Barlean’s Lignan Omega Twin Liquid


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    Barlean’s Lignan Omega Twin provides complete Omega 3-6-9 essential fatty acid nutrition with lignan flaxseed particulate retained in the oil for its unique nutritive value.

    Lignans are a highly studied, anti-oxidant rich plant phytonutrients with numerous health benefits. Barlean's proprietary, cold-pressed technology protects flax oil from the damaging effects of heat, light and oxygen and gently captures the nutritious lignans.  Numerous studies have reported on the role of lignans in support of heart and hormonal health.* Barlean’s Fresh ExPressed™ extraction process gently liberates delicate Omega-3 flax oil, while capturing lignan flaxseed particulate. 

    Suggested Use:
    1 - 2 Tbsp. Daily. Can be used in salad dressings, mixed with yogurt, cottage cheese, oatmeal or used in blended beverages & protein drinks.

    Best Kept Refrigerated. Freezing will extend shelf life up to one year.

    SHAKE WELL. Natural settling may occur. Stirring suggested to fully disperse flax particulate.

    100% unrefined, unfiltered, organic flaxseed oil and herbicide/pesticide free borage seed oil, flax particulate.

    Each bottle contains 12 ounces.