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Our daughter Kaci was born 10 weeks premature in March 1997. My wife and I refused all genetic testing during her pregnancy and did not know Kaci had Down syndrome until it was confirmed she had Trisomy 21 when she was 6 days old. On Mother’s Day of 1997 we attended a seminar on TNI in Hazleton, Pennsylvania and ordered the program the next day.

Kaci started the Nutrivene Program as well as Piracetam 2 weeks before what would have been her full term delivery date and has continued ever since. God has blessed us with an incredible child and we are convinced that Nutrivene has significantly contributed to her remarkable progress. So remarkable that Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, Pennsylvania has chosen Kaci to represent them as one of their 2006 Miracle Kids for the Children’s Miracle Network.

We have let many other parents of children with Down syndrome know about Nutrivene and we are also used as a family resource by The Genetics department at Geisinger to be available to talk to other families when requested. We thank you for all the research you’ve undertaken to develop TNI for Kaci. The "proof is in the pudding" is definitely true with Kaci.

C. & J. Gerber



Jenni-Rose loves to be on stage! Here she is with her friend, Ralph Roddenbery, opening the show singing "Power to the People".

Events like this keep happening in Jenni~Rose’s life, much to her delight. She’s learned to listen to her instructions, take the stage at the right time and place, do her part, take her bows, and exit gracefully when her moment in the spotlight is over. While on stage she can step up to the microphone and ad lib to get the crowd in the palm of her hand.

I don’t believe any of this would be possible without the help of NuTriVene! It has done so much to help her be focused, alert, and confident - as well as healthy enough to dance and sing for hours on end. What a blessing!

D. Hoffman



My daughter, Chelsea, is 6 years old, and has Down syndrome. When she was born, I wasn’t sure where to turn or what to expect. Nutrivene gave me hope for my daughter’s future.

Chelsea attends a private Christian school where she thinks she owns the place! Chelsea was very blessed at birth, not having any heart issues. The only surgery she has needed is eye muscle surgery. Her health at birth, along with being supplemented with the Nutrivene protocol since she was 4 months old, have allowed her to develop like a typical child. Chelsea runs, plays on the playscape, swims, rides her 2-wheeler with training wheels, bowls, goes to Brownie Scouts, and basically tries to do...and usually does...anything that her big sister does! I can not say that Chelsea would not be doing the same things had she not been given Nutrivene, but I can say that taking the supplements has helped her immune system fight off sickness, keeping her healthy, therefore giving her a better opportunity to learn.

Chelsea takes the Nutrivene-D Daily Supplement, probiotics, essential fatty acids, and the recently added gingko biloba supplement. The results have been very encouraging. Her short term memory has improved greatly, to where she can tell me everything,in detail, that she has learned in school, which she attends from 8:30 am-3:00 pm. Her retention of material taught, both in school and during therapy, has greatly increased.

Chelsea is truly a blessing to our family, a little ray of sunshine that carries with her all the hope of the future God has planned for her. It is a never ending battle getting those around her to see and accept her potential. Nutrivene has made that a little easier by helping me keep my child healthy and her brain working and developing all the time. Those who are closest to Chelsea are encouraged by the progress that she so steadily makes and look forward to her bright and thriving future.