Honoring Our Cycles by Katie Singer


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Here’s an alternative to hormonal birth control and fertility drugs. Read Honoring our Cycles: A Natural Family Planning Workbook, published by New Mexico Trends in 2006. In plain, everyday English, the book explain how to tell when a woman is fertile and infertile by charting her waking temperature and cervical mucus. It provides a reliable, natural method for preventing or achieving pregnancy.

In 2004, author and Certified Fertility Educator Katie Singer was asked to write about Natural Family Planning for an Amish community. The result, Honoring Our Cycles, is now available to the public. At the request of women from Kenya, The Gambia, and South Africa, Singer is currently revising Honoring our Cycles for African couples.

Honoring our Cycles includes a year’s worth of charts. It describes how to strengthen your menstrual cycles with nutrient-dense food and night-lighting techniques.

The book is for couple of childbearing age who know that maintaining reproductive health and growing healthy families require a nutrient-dense diet and avoiding hormonal treatments that can deplete our bodies.

112 pages

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