HoneyCombs Organic Liquid Ginkgo Biloba


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HoneyCombs Non-Alcoholic Organic Ginkgo Biloba Extract contains more potency per serving than most liquid ginkgo extracts.

Each dropper contains 100 mg ginkgo biloba. This product contains ginkgo biloba, catalyst altered water, and USP natural vegetable glycerin.

Recommendations for use: Shake well before using. Squeeze the number of drops needed under the tongue.  Replace the dropper in bottle completely empty to avoid dropper getting clogged.

If dropper gets clogged, use a tooth pick to insert and clear the dropper.  Use extreme careful when doing this so the glass dropper does not break. If the glass dropper breaks discard bottle immediately.

Each bottle of Honeycomb Liquid Ginkgo Biloba contains 1 fluid ounce and contains approximately 15 servings.

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