Cooking Techniques for the GAPS Part 1 Meat Stock and Bone Broth



In this effective guide, the author, Monica Corrado, patiently describes meat stock and bone broth as they apply to the diet, explaining the difference in how and when to use meat stock and bone broth, and the results you can expect from each.  Corrado provides basic recipes for both, as well as simple, handy charts that break down the how, what, when, and why to make each one. 

As Corrado explains in her introduction, meat stock is the critical first step of the GAPS Introduction Diet, also known as the Intro. Over the course of six gentle stages, the Intro diet is when the gut is healed and sealed. A leaky gut is a gut that does not absorb nutrients properly. A leaky gut does, however, host toxins that can damage the brain and immune system, possibly leading to autism spectrum disorder, ADD, and ADHD, to name a few.

Yet the majority of people who go on the Gut and Psychology Syndrome diet misunderstand the crucial healing role of meat stock. Long known for its healing properties, meat stock provides all the nutrients, minerals, and enzymes the body needs to detox and rebuild. Once healing is well underway, then it’s time for bone broth. For people who need healing, confusing the two leads to unhealthy consequences, sometimes even aggravated symptoms.

With a foreword by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride—creator of the GAPS diet and author of the original book on the topic, Gut and Psychology Syndrome—this is an important new tool and perfect companion to Campbell-McBride’s earlier work.

Bringing new clarity to the GAPS (Gut & Psychology Syndrome) Diet in non-clinical language all readers can understand, expert chef, author, and teacher Monica Corrado shores up a critical but often misunderstood aspect of the GAPS healing protocol – meat stock and bone broth.  When you make them, how you make them, and why you make them – and crucially, why you shouldn’t mix them up.

About the author:  Monica Corrado, MA, CNC, CGP, is a teaching chef and holistic Certified Nutrition Consultant.  With her cooking classes, lectures, and books, she has devoted her career to helping both children and adults reclaim their natural well-being through nourishing traditional food, especially those who suffer from ASD, AD/HD, Aspergers, allergies, and autoimmune disorders.  As a dynamic speaker, consultant, and author, she’s passionate about illuminating the connection between food and well-being.  Monica lives to give other the tools they need to cook nourishing, traditional food – as well as the knowledge and inspiration they need to teach others.

This booklet contains 35 pages.

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