Latest News » Study reveals new link between heart disease and brain health

The state of your heart may affect your brain health.

Although it is widely known that heart disease and stroke are closely interlinked, a new study has revealed that cardiac problems may affect brain health in other ways. According to a January 28 press release, researchers from the Mayo Clinic have discovered a link between heart disease and the development of certain forms of dementia.

Given the prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease, which affects approximately one in eight senior citizens across America, it’s easy to understand why so much research is dedicated to this mental impairment. However, there are other variants of dementia that, though not associated with memory loss, can still cause cognitive decline in elderly individuals. This, the source notes, can lead to difficulties with linguistics, concentration and decision-making. It is these non-memory related issues, the Mayo Clinic reports, that may be linked to heart disease.

To establish this connection, scientists reviewed the medical information of 2,719 elderly participants before and after a 15-month period. Upon doing so, they found that individuals who did not have signs of mild cognitive impairment – a precursor to dementia – were more likely to develop it in this time if they were diagnosed with heart disease. This link was strongest among women with cardiac problems.

Based on this finding, lead author Dr. Rosebud concluded that “prevention and management of cardiac disease and vascular risk factors are likely to reduce the risk [of mild cognitive impairment].”

Though significantly less severe than Alzheimer’s disease, losing the ability to think clearly is still a frustrating experience for many individuals. In addition to adjusting your diet and exercising habits to reduce the risk of heart disease, taking brain support supplements may also help keep your cognitive abilities sharp. 

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