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Blood Testing Suggestions for NuTriVene

Trisomy 21 Research recommends that individuals who are using Nutrivene have blood testing completed 6 to 12 months after beginning Nutrivene and each year thereafter.  The following blood tests should be completed: •     Vitamin A (Retinol) •     Iron & Ferritin •     Zinc •     Homocysteine •     Selenium •     Tissue Transglutaminase Antibodies (tTGAB) – Celiac Disease screening […]

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NuTriVene Testimonial #1

Our daughter Kaci was born 10 weeks premature in March 1997. My wife and I refused all genetic testing during her pregnancy and did not know Kaci had Down syndrome until it was confirmed she had Trisomy 21 when she was 6 days old. On Mother’s Day of 1997 we attended a seminar on TNI […]

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