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A Tale of Two Fats: The Good and the Bad

The Lemonade Diet, HollywoodDiet, Low Fat Diet, 3-Day Diet, The Chicken Soup Diet – we have heard it all, and each one promises the key to a happier, healthier body. The problem is there is a reason these so-called diets are fads, and come and go with the change of the seasons. If we truly […]

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Seaweed in Colon Health & Nutrition (Part 2)

by Simon Ranger Balance of micronutrients A really comprehensive nutrient spectrum is difficult to obtain from landgrown and manufactured foods (11) where the effect of soil deficiencies and nutrient imbalances is well documented (12). Still more so in special diets, where certain foods are restricted due to illness and therapy, allergy and intolerance, pregnancy, metabolic […]

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