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Vitamin D Necessary for Optimum Health

I have memories of running around the beach as a child and if not under the umbrella, I was forced to wear the funny colored zinc-oxide on my lips, under my eyes; t-shirt (long sleeves would have been preferable, but my mother finally gave up) and a hat that better have a brim a foot […]

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The Re-Balancing Potential of Seaweed by Simon Range (Part 1)

Introduction The nutritional value of food is in steep decline. An annual analysis of 72 foods between 1940 and 2002 shows an average loss of 19% magnesium, 29% calcium, 37% iron, and 62% copper.[1] Over a similar post-War period, saturated fat in beef and chicken has risen more than 400%, whilst essential omega-3 fats critical […]

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