Latest News » Health benefits of herbal tea

When you reach for a warm fall beverage this season, don’t forget about herbal tea. This tasty drink is full of health benefits that will help get you through cold and flu season. Certain types of herbal tea, such as elderflower, are full of vitamin C and antioxidants. Consuming this beverage can help your body combat infection and illness.

[marker] In addition, drinking herbal tea may aid in weight loss. If you normally consume soda or other sugary beverages throughout the day, switching to tea will reduce your sugar intake and could help you shed a few pounds.

[marker] If you’re in need of some stress relief, herbal tea has you covered in this area as well. Green tea has been found to boost dopamine levels, which influence positive moods and help you relax. Adding even a single cup of this drink to your diet can improve your health.

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