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Stress and dehydration could be slowing your progress more than you realize.

Stress and dehydration could be slowing your progress more than you realize.

If you're on the path to healthy weight management, you know that facing temptations and kicking bad habits can often feel like an uphill battle. However, it doesn't necessarily need to be all that challenging. In fact, you could be harming your progress and doing more damage than good without even knowing it. Here are two simple ways how:

1 You're forgetting to hydrate
Water is essential to any healthy diet and workout regimen, so if you aren't drinking enough H20, you could be seriously slowing your progress, Prevention Magazine noted.

"Nearly every cell in the body is composed of water – without it, they don't function efficiently during exercise," Dan Judelson, an associate professor of Kinesiology of California State University in Fullerton, told the publication.

What this means is that you can tire a lot more easily, which makes it harder for you to work out as much as you need or want to. Drinking plenty of water can also curb certain cravings or feelings of hunger as well.

2. You're stressing too much
Trying to maintain a healthy weight can be frustrating, but stressing about it everyday won't do you any good. It will actually only make it harder to achieve your goals. A 2014 study from the University of Kentucky found that participants who engaged in stress management techniques lost more weight than those who did not.

What this means it that your mental well-being is also important to your physical health. Not to mention, there are a number of other adverse effects of stress that can also put a halt on your weight management objectives, such as heart disease.

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