Latest News » Easing stress in children may prevent future heart health issues

Reducing childhood stress can help prevent heart and health problems in adulthood.

While stress and heart problems seem more like grown-up concerns, a recent study published by the American College of Cardiology shows that cardio metabolic diseases can be caused by stress at any stage in life, including childhood.

The study examined data from the 1958 British Birth Cohort Study, which followed the lives and habits of a number of children born in the same week of that year. The recent research of this data aimed to answer whether or not stress in childhood can be a precursor to health issues such as heart disease or high blood pressure.

Eventually, it came to the conclusion that children's early emotional development is a key stage in starting them on a healthy path and preventing future heart health complications. Results also showed that even if stress is reduced in adulthood, these childhood experiences can still negatively impact their health.

Children's lives may seem carefree in comparison to your own, but issues with family, friends, school and extracurricular commitments can cause a good deal of anxiety and unrest. To improve the health of your children, help them combat these stressors by listening to their problems and offering possible solutions. If you're in control of your children's schedule, be sure to give them enough free time for play and fun. Of course, adequate sleep is extremely important in maintaining a person's health, especially in childhood. 

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