Latest News » March 21 is the 10th Anniversary of World Down Syndrome Day

Saturday, March 21 marks the 10th anniversary of World Down Syndrome Day.

Saturday, March 21, is World Down Syndrome Day. To mark the occasion and help raise awareness about this genetic condition, Down Syndrome International (DSI) is presenting a new collection of video interviews, "My Opportunities, My Choices," where people with Down syndrome from 39 countries get to tell their stories about their lives, families and how they still enjoy full and equal rights.

This year is the 10th anniversary of World Down Syndrome Day, and just a glimpse at DSI's new video shows how far we've come in not only learning more about Down syndrome but how we treat those with it in our communities. People with Down syndrome may experience delays in growth and moderate intellectual disabilities, but perhaps the biggest challenge posed to those with Down syndrome is ill treatment from those around them, just because they may look, talk or act a little differently.

"People with Down syndrome face many challenges as children and adults which may prevent them enjoying their basic human rights," DSI writes on the official World Down Syndrome Day site. "Many people often fail to understand that people with Down syndrome are people first, who may require additional support but should be recognized by society on an equal basis with others, without discrimination on the basis of disability."

That's why the awareness raised by DSI and World Down Syndrome Day is so important. While we've certainly come a long way on that front in just the last decade, knowing what it means to have Down syndrome, and how those with the condition are still vital members of our communities, is necessary to ensuring that they can still enjoy the same rights and privileges as anyone else. That's exactly what World Down Syndrome Day is all about, and why My Opportunities, My Choices is essential viewing.