Latest News » Americans stress over money more than any other reason

For most Americans, money is the number one cause of stress.

For some, the findings of the latest Stress In America survey may come as no surprise, as it highlights that money is the number one source of stress among Americans.

While the poll, conducted by the American Psychological Association (APA), also found work, family obligations and health as other chief concerns that trigger stress, worries over money topped out the list. This isn't the first time that money ranked first on the APA poll either. In fact, since the study's inception in 2007, money has consistently ranked as the single largest reason for adult stress year after year. In this particular survey, money was named the most significant source of stress by by 64 percent of respondents.

"Young or old, rich or poor, no group is immune to stress over money," Norman Anderson, APA Executive Vice President, said in an official statement.

Here were just a few of the study's findings:

  • Cross-generational: It's not just middle-aged Americans and seniors who are feeling the pinch. Generation Xers and Millenials also report feeling considerably stressed out over money, and at greater levels than previous generations did.
  • Gender gap: Not only did more women say they feel stressed about money than men did (49 percent compared to 38 percent), but women were also found to be more frequently stressed about money than male respondents.
  • Health impact: One-fifth of those surveyed said they didn't visit their doctor for health care because of financial reasons. One-third claimed that they couldn't afford living healthy lifestyles. What's worse is that many of these respondents attested to coping with stress with decidedly unhealthy habits, like drinking alcohol, smoking, eating, browsing online and watching TV for more than two hours in a day.

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