Latest News » Get in the holiday spirit with these stress-reducing drinks

Drinking green tea is a great way to relieve stress during the holiday season.

As fun and exciting as the holidays can be, it's also one of the more stressful times of the year. It's great to receive gifts, but harder to give, spending days and weeks shopping for the perfect items for your loved ones. Then throw in trees and menorahs, household decorations and cooking dinner — not to mention hosting friends and family over for several nights — and you could be tearing your hair out by New Year's.

Having a stress-free holiday is hardly impossible, but it may take a little help to get there. Consider some of Care2's recommendations for healthy holiday drinks that can put in you a better mood and cut down on the stresses of the season:

  • Green tea: "Green tea contains a powerful calming agent known as theanine," writes Care2 contributor Jordyn Cormier. "If you opt for an evening cup, have some decaf so the theanine has its time to shine." Green tea isn't the only variety that can provide a brain health boost, though. Black tea and chamomile can also offer relaxation and help take the tension off. If you like your tea sweeter, add a little bit of raw honey for immune system support — stress isn't just bad for the mind, it takes a toll on your body's immune system as well.
  • Warm milk: Using a glass of warm milk to drift off to sleep is nothing new — in all likelihood, your parents may have used that with you as a baby to help you sleep better. But the tryptophan in milk — the very same tryptophan in turkeys that puts us all into a food coma after Thanksgiving dinner — is also great for just helping us to settle nerves and calm down, making warm milk a helpful beverage to rely on throughout the day rather than just at night.

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