Latest News » Give thanks this holiday for a better night’s sleep

Gratitude isn't just for Thanksgiving! Express it all year round to sleep better.

Happy soon-to-be Thanksgiving! For many Americans this is the number one holiday of the year, and it's no real mystery why they may feel that way. Between hours of football, no shortage of good food and none of the frenzied stress that comes with holiday gift shopping (that starts just the day after!) it's no wonder this is a favored day for millions. But as good as the food and the games may be, it's easy to overlook what this holiday is really supposed to be about — giving thanks!

Ideally, we should take the time every day to acknowledge and give thanks for all of the wonderful and supportive people in our lives, but Thanksgiving is the one time of the year where that lesson is literally at the forefront of the day. But beyond the fact that it's just good practice to give thanks, studies have found it's good for your health too! In particular, your sleeping schedule.

While turkey packed with tryptophan may help you sleep better on Thanksgiving night, making gratitude a regular part of your daily regimen can have you enjoying the benefits of a more peaceful and relaxing sleep all year round.

"[A] 2008 study of over 400 people found a strong link between gratitude and a good night's sleep, with grateful people enjoying better sleep quality, less tiredness during the day, the ability to fall asleep faster and a more normalized sleep duration," writes the healthy living community Care2. "Other research found that just 15 minutes of writing in a gratitude journal can help you worry less at bedtime and sleep longer and better."

A better sleep routine has profound brain health benefits, keeping you alert and your memory sharp for the next morning, so do yourself a favor and say thank you more often!

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