Latest News » 3 healthy food choices that can improve memory support

Berries have been found to help slow down cognitive decline and memory loss triggered by aging.

We've spent the last few days on this blog talking about some of the many ways that Alzheimer's disease and dementia can present themselves in our elderly loved ones, one of which is memory loss. But the fact is, a decline in memory support isn't a symptom exclusive to mental conditions or getting older — it can actually begin to emerge in anyone as early as age 24. 

If a lifetime of gradually fading memories doesn't sound particularly appealing to you, you're in luck! There are actually plenty of natural and healthy ways you can supplement brain health to keep your mind's recall ability as sharp as ever, and it's as simple as eating certain foods. We've outlined some of these choices before, but here a few more provided by Health Magazine:

  • Berries: Recent studies have found that berries — particularly strawberries, blueberries and acai berries — can help slow down cognitive declines triggered by aging. The "housekeeper" function of our brains help clean out toxic proteins that cause memory loss as we age, and unfortunately that housekeeper also loses power as we get older. However, the aforementioned berries have been shown to have a preserving effect on the brain's housekeeper.
  • Mediterranean diet: While this isn't one specific food item, the Mediterranean diet's combination of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, wine, olive oil and whole grains rich in fiber has demonstrated effectiveness in reducing inflammation, oxidative stress and high blood pressure — all contributors to heart disease and declining brain health. 
  • Peanuts & peanut butter: You may raise an eyebrow at this idea, since peanuts and peanut butter are generally well-known to be high in fat. While that's true, the fats in these items are actually healthy for you — not to mention loaded with vitamin E — which can contribute to a healthy and properly functioning heart and brain.

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