Latest News » 5 warning signs for Alzheimer’s disease

If you have an elderly relative who suddenly seems forgetful, anxious or depressed, they may be developing Alzheimer's disease.

While the scientific community's understanding of brain health and how the mind works has come a long way in such a relatively short amount of time, we are unfortunately still no closer to curing Alzheimer's disease. Even more unfortunate is that as more and more members of the Baby Boomer generation age into seniors, diagnosis rates for Alzheimer's and dementia will only continue to grow. 

If you're worried that one of your elderly loved ones may be developing Alzheimer's disease, here are some of the most common warning signs to be on the lookout for:

  • Changes in personality: If an elderly person suddenly exhibits notable differences in mood and personality — such as increased feelings of confusion, depression, fear, suspicion, anxiety or aggression — they may be developing Alzheimer's disease.
  • Confusion: Alzheimer's patients may easily lose track of things like time, dates, where they are or familiar activities they used to indulge in regularly.
  • Difficulties with planning or problem-solving: Elderly people who may be struggling with Alzheimer's will find it harder to form plans and stick to them or to think through problem-solving strategies (particularly ones that involve numbers).
  • Losing memory: Declining memory support and frequent forgetfulness are some of the most obvious red flags of Alzheimer's, and are typically common in patients in the early stages of the disease. Examples of this kind of memory loss can include forgetting names, dates, past events and conversations.
  • Misplacing items: This warning sign goes hand-in-hand with memory loss. Patients who may be suffering from Alzheimer's disease will frequently lose items and may even be unable to backtrack their steps to find those items again.

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