Latest News » Study: Seven daily servings of fruits and veggies will help you live longer

Eating seven portions of fruits and vegetables a day can help you live longer.

It may be a no-brainer for most people that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can be beneficial for your health, but a new study coming out of the United Kingdom has recently underscored just how valuable these healthy eating habits can be.

According to Beauty World News, a recent survey found that those who ate seven servings of fruits and vegetables per day were able to cut down on their risk of death by 42 percent. The research, which spanned a seven-year period from 2001 to 2008, determined that diets rich in fruits and veggies bolstered the body's defense against heart disease, cancer and other known causes of death. The survey's findings determined that while fewer portions — such as three or five per day — also contributed to greater health and nutrition, every increase in serving numbers saw a decrease in death risk.

But not all fruits and vegetables are created equal, and according to the new research, veggies actually yield even more healthy benefits. HealthDay News reports that daily portions of fresh vegetables contributed to a 16 percent reduction in risk of death versus just 4 percent posed by fruit. 

Of course, doctors would recommend a diet that balances both fruit and vegetable intake, rather than concentrate on just one over the other. But if you had to choose, veggies are clearly the way to go. Not only do these leafy greens better reduce your chance of heart disease and other life-impairing maladies, but they even help boost memory support too! With Alzheimer's disease and dementia slowly on the rise for our aging population, the more you indulge in vegetables and other brain-boosting foods now, the better off you may be down the line.

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