Latest News » Learn how to curb your sugar cravings

Stay clear of the candy aisle during this time of year.

Although those baby chick-shaped marshmallows may look cute, they can actually be quite damaging to your health.

“Aside from the increased bulge around the waistline, diets high in sugar are strongly linked to an increased risk for type 2 diabetes, elevated triglycerides, low HDL (good) cholesterol levels, and heart disease,” reports registered dietitian Lauri Watson in a blog for lifestyle website Spark People. “Sugar intake has also been linked to depression, migraines, poor eyesight, autoimmune diseases (such as arthritis, and multiple sclerosis), gout and osteoporosis.”

It may be difficult to combat your sugar cravings during this time of year when shelves are stocked with jelly beans and chocolate eggs, but these tips may help:

  • Eat breakfast: Did you know that 90 percent of sugar addicts skip breakfast? When you fill your body up with protein and fiber in the morning you are less likely to crave sweets later in the day because you prevent a drop in blood sugar. Make time for egg whites, oatmeal or similar nutritious breakfast foods each morning.
  • Opt for all-natural sweets: If you’re cutting refined sugar from your diet but are still craving something sweet, try snacking on fresh fruit for dessert. Apples, bananas and berries are naturally sweet and also boast fiber, antioxidants and other important nutrients. You can eat these tasty snacks on their own or even combine them in a smoothie for a refreshing treat.
  • Read labels: Believe it or not, damaging sugar can be found in food items you may consider to be healthy, like granola bars and juice. Be sure to read all labels carefully before you purchase these products.

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