Latest News » Psychiatrists introduce new parameters to support children with autism

Researchers are developing new approaches to autism support.

The last few years have heralded a surge of investment in autism research, leading to new insights on therapeutic treatment options and beneficial nutrition for children with autism, among other breakthroughs. We’ve touched on many of these studies on this blog, including a growing body of research on the differences between girls and boys with this condition. Now, the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry has pulled from recent investigations to establish new parameters to support children with autism.

Autism is a complex disorder that is characterized by difficulties with communication and socializing. These concerns can be best addressed with early intervention, which is why the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry is advocating for more structured screenings for symptoms that could be linked to autism.

“Early diagnosis of children with autism spectrum disorders means treatments will be introduced that lead to more positive outcomes for children,” said Dr. Fred Volkmar, director of the Yale Child Study Center and lead orchestrator of the new guidelines, in a press release.

Dr. Volkmar and his colleagues have called for general physicians to request a combined medical, psychological and communication-focused assessment for any children who exhibit signs of autistic behavior. From there, physicians, psychiatrists, speech pathologists and other medical professionals can work together as a team to provide the necessary support. The researchers reviewed more than 20 years worth of articles dating back to 1991 to draw up the new guidelines, the source states.

Rates of autism have increased steadily from year to year, partly because health care providers have become better able to identify potential warning signs. Check back with this blog for updates on autism and nutrition, as well as other areas of research.