Latest News » Why a Mediterranean diet is good for your heart

Nutritionists rave about the Mediterranean diet.

Doctors and nutritionists rave about the Mediterranean diet, which includes balanced meals rich in veggies, fish, nuts, fruit and olive oil. A recent study confirms that eating this diet is good for your heart, weight and overall health.

The study followed approximately 800 U.S. firefighters and examined how closely they adhered to a Mediterranean diet. Researchers gathered information about weight changes, cholesterol levels, blood pressure and blood sugar. They divided the men into four groups determined by how closely they followed the diet. Those who were the most serious about eating foods on the Mediterranean diet had a 35 percent lower risk of being diagnosed with a metabolic syndrome compared to those that strayed from the diet. Additionally, the group of men who adhered most closely to the diet had a 43 percent less risk of weight gain.

In addition to adding lots of fruits and veggies to their plate, the fireman who had a lessened risk of heart problems also refrained from overly processed sugars. This group was the least likely to consume soft drinks, fast food, fried food or sugary snacks.

“This study is one more in the long line of Mediterranean diet studies showing the benefit of a lifestyle that encompasses more plant foods and regular activity,” said Diekman, author of The Everything Mediterranean Diet Book, in an interview with health and wellness website HealthDay.

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