Latest News » Study sheds further light on the importance of gut flora

Maintain a healthy gut for brain support, weight management and more.

Recently on this blog, we covered a study on how the changes that take place in the gut over time can influence how we age. Now, new research has shed even more light on how diversity in glut flora may affect how our bodies absorb and process essential nutrients like dietary fiber.

In addition to keeping your digestive tract regular, fiber can also help you feel full without consuming excess calories. CNN also reports that loading up your diet with fiber can reduce the risk of mortality from practically any cause, including cancer. Before seeking out foods that are natural sources of fiber, though, it may help to ensure your body is in the best position to make use of this compound first.

According to a press release from the University of British Columbia, researchers have discovered that various bacteria within the gut hold distinct roles in breaking down dietary fiber and putting it to work. Specifically, they uncovered a gene sequence that dictates the functions held within a diverse population of microbes.

"This newly discovered sequence of genes enables Bacteroides ovatus to chop up xyloglucan, a major type of dietary fiber found in many vegetables – from lettuce leaves to tomato fruits. B. ovatus and its complex system of enzymes provide a crucial part of our digestive toolkit," said professor Harry Brumer, senior study author, in the release.

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