Latest News » How changes in the gut affect our health as we age

Your gut bacteria may influence your lifespan.

When your gut is acting up, your overall health can be affected in many ways. If your body can't properly absorb the nutrients it needs, everything from brain support to energy level is influenced. Previously on this blog, we've discussed the role that probiotics may play in supporting the gut and warding off chronic diseases. Recently, scientists from the Buck Institute for Research on Aging investigated how changes in gut flora over time influences lifespan.

"Our study explores age-related changes in the gut that include increased oxidative stress, inflammation, impaired efficiency of the immune response, and the over-proliferation of stem cells," said lead author Heinrich Jasper, Ph.D., in a press release. "It puts these changes into a hierarchical, causal relationship and highlights the points where we can intervene."

The researchers analyzed the intestines of flies to come to this conclusion. They discovered that the amount of bacteria in the gut increased over time, altering the balance and leading to internal inflammation. Though swelling is a part of the body's natural defense system, it can also be destructive. Understanding how the equilibrium within our gut contributes to our well-being, and how age-related changes can disrupt the com​mensal relationship between the bacteria in our digestive systems, may well come to influence how we approach disease prevention.

Further research is necessary to shed light on the complex nature of gut bacteria and longevity, but it's safe to say that fueling your digestive system may enhance your health by enabling you to absorb the right nutrients. Click here to read more information about our probiotic supplements.