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Make sure you protect yourself as you exercise this winter.

In addition to ingesting the right vitamins and minerals, regular exercise is an important part of maintaining overall health and even providing nutrition for the mind. Research has indicated that aerobic exercise can potentially ward off cognitive decline, not to mention its benefits for mood, mobility and more. With that in mind, the holiday season presents quite a conundrum. Not only are you inundated with rich comfort foods at every turn, but the weather itself seems to encourage long lazy days devoid of much physical activity. However, there are ways to keep up your exercise regimen even in the face of a bitter cold winter.

Recently, HealthDay News touched on a few of these tips, perhaps in a bid to help Americans stay fit this season. With guidance from Dr. Cedric Bryant of the American Council on Exercise, the source recommended the following as a few measures to prevent the risk of illness as you work out in chillier climates:

  1. Check both temperature and wind chill before heading out for your morning jog  This will give you an idea of how covered up you should be and how much damage skin exposure could cause
  2. Layer, layer layer – This is sound advice across the board at this time of year, affording you more control over insulation as you go
  3. Protect your hands – No one likes that stinging feeling when their hands are exposed to the elements, but the source notes that impaired blood flow in your hands can also affect your internal organs.

The healthy living website FitDay also recommends ramping up your usual workout, noting that increasing incline or speed may help your body warm up. As long as you have taken steps to protect yourself from the cold by staying covered, you may be able to enjoy the cool crisp air as you work up a sweat.